Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

 “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” – by Jeff Kinney

Hola! I’m Asha! Lately, I’ve been reading “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”. They are one of the best books! I like them a lot. I think that they are very funny and interesting. I have all of the books at home and I read them a lot. Just to let you know, there are spoilers!

So, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” is a book about a kid that has really bad luck. He has two brothers, one younger and one older. My favourite book in the series is the Third Wheel. The Third Wheel about Greg going to a school dance with Holly Hills (his crush). He can’t find any clothes to wear until he finds a shirt but it has a jam stain on it, So he has to keep holly hills to the right side of him.

Ok that’s enough spoilers for one day. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Nude Food

I do not support nude food because no one really does it and it is kind of silly. I don’t really have a feel for it because it doesn’t really work that well. I often forget about nude food because its not such a big activity.

Nude food can sometimes be a bit difficult for some parents. We can’t use any plastic which is kind of annoying. Some people don’t have that many containers and then nude food is really annoying for them. Nude food is also not that recognized so people don’t always remember to do it. 

My Favourite And Least Favourite Place In School

My Favourite- My favourite place in school is the monkey bars. I like the monkey bars because you can do lots of things on them such as, climbing, tricks, swinging and lots of other things. On the monkey bars someone has put swing things made out of a type of material. It’s like a Tarzan swing vine thing. It’s really fun to swing on and plus I love it. My friends and I love to go on the monkey bars a lot. If your looking for me then you know where to find me…


Ha ha ha ha

My least favourite place- My least favourite place in the school is the sandpit. I don’t like it because it gets all of your clothes dirty!!!. some people always hog the sandpit/tap. I don’t really like getting my clothes dirty!! Today when I was in the sand pit I got a wet bottom from all the wet sand!! Getting your clothes dirty is not fun.


Should We Have School Uniforms??

I strongly believe that we should not have school uniforms here are some reasons.

 If you’re walking home then a stranger could look at your uniform and then they would know where you go to school but if you don’t have a uniform then they wouldn’t know. School uniforms cost lots of money and if you’re a fast growing girl/boy you have to buy a new uniform every 1 or 2 years.While school uniforms can be really tight and normal clothes can be easy to run and play in. I also think that school uniforms can be a little bit to fancy but for normal clothes their a bit more comfortable.It’s hard to find people because they all look the same.

Some people are allergic to a certain type of fabric but with home clothes you only have fabric that your not allergic to. A few people don’t like uniforms either Because most uniforms can’t be washed and that also means that lots of people have dirty uniforms. If you order it online then it could be ordered in the wrong size because you didn’t try it on.The last reason of why the school shouldn’t have uniforms is because the  senior jumpers have your first and last name on them and lets say if you were out some where then strangers would see your first and last name.

That was why I truly believe that we should not have school uniforms I hope you agree with me.

The Five Focus Words


Excellence means that you are very good at different things and that you have lots of different talents. If you have Excellence then you could be good at some things but not too good at other things. I think that the school chose this word because they believe that everyone has excellence in them somewhere.


Love means that you are very respectful and that you care about everything good that happens to you. I think that the school chose this word because we all love God and because we are all grateful for our life. I also think that they chose love as a focus word because we love each other.


Respect means that you care and love things. I think that the school chose this word to be a focus word because we respect things and we care for people. I also think that they chose respect because we love and respect God.


Gratitude means that you’re grateful for the things that happen In your life. It also means that you are thankful for the world, water, food, a house, an education and more. I think that the school chose this word because we are grateful for our life and our education.


Justice means doing the right thing and having the right result. I think that the school chose this word because we all have rights and because we should all do the right thing.


My Favourite Things To Do

I like to…




Play Roblox

Play Minecraft


Look at Moon Moon memes

Watch movies

Make movies

Go through the App Store






Try to scare myself!

Annoy my sister!





































































































An Interview With My Teacher

An Interview with my Teacher

I have chosen to interview my teacher, Ms C.

1.Why do you teach?

I chose to be a teacher because I love working with children, helping them to learn and to help them be the best person they can be.

2. What gave you the idea to teach kids?

I’ve always wanted to be a teacher since i was a little girl and because I love working with children.

3.What time do you go and leave school?

I come at 8:15am and I usually leave at 6pm

4.If you weren’t at school were would you be?

There’s no where else I would rather be!

5.What’s your favorite place in you house?

I have a few favourite places- my bed and the lounge room where I can watch a good movie or curl up with a good book. Last of all, the kitchen because I love to bake!  I also love sitting outside under the back verandah, either reading, looking at nature or meditating.

6.What’s you favorite place?

 I love going for drives up in the hills and being down at the beach at sunset.

7.What was you favourite class? 

 Every class has been my favourite!

8.Where is you favorite place to be?

On a cold day, I love curling up in front of the heater with a good book and a hot cup of coffee. On a beautiful, sunny day I love being out in the sun.

9.What do yo do in your free time?

I enjoy baking, going to the movies, catching up with family and friends, going for walks and reading about historical events (I love learning about history!) I also love shopping!


My Pets

I have seven pets. One of them is a guinea pig, another is a rabbit and then we have four chickens and one fish. Personally, my favourite is my rabbit, Moonlight, because you can cuddle him and  because he’s so fluffy. I had anther guinea pig but he passed away this year. Hear are what my animals look like:

Book Week!

Book Week

Last Friday its was dress up day for Book Week. Tina, Nakia, Natasha and I all dressed up as the three little pigs. Tina was the big bad wolf and the rest of us all went as The Three Little Pigs. I was the pig that built the brick house.  Tina was chasing me around for the whole day!

My mum and I made my costume. The tail was an old toilet roll painted pink. I painted my face with pink face paint. I wore a pink top with princess sleeves and some pink leggings from Target. I made my snout out of an egg carton and it was painted pink. My shoes were just some pink shoes from K-mart.

Some of the books that we read during the week were “Go Home Cheeky Animals!”, “Fabish The Horse That Braved The Bush Fire”, “Out!”, “The Patchwork Bike” and “The Gigantic Book Of Genes”. My favourite was Fabish- The Horse That Braved a Bush Fire because it was based on a real story and because it was such a sweet story. 

I really liked Book Week because it was so much fun, and also because I got to dress up with all of my friends.

My Favourite Animal

My favourite animal is a bunny. Bunnies are part of the Leporidae family. They are very fluffy and cute. They have lots of fur and in the summer a bit of there fur falls out. They do that because they could get too hot and die.

Bunnies eat celery, carrots and any type fruit or vegetable. Bunnies are very fussy eaters   (just like me). They only eat fresh fruit and fresh vegetables. They have to get their water changed everyday. 

Bunnies are very hard to take care of. You have to make sure the bunny is ok, give it food that’s fresh and you have to change its water every day. Even though bunnies are a lot of work, i will always love them.

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